Preparatory czech language course at theCharles University in Prague

Preparatory czech language course at the Charles University in Prague

Who is this course for?

First of all, the course is aimed at students who are planning admission to Czech universities. Mostly, it will be attractive to those of you who are going to arrive at the Charles University in the Bachelor or master's degree, but the certificate that you will receive at the end of the course, It will be recognized and any other Czech university.

This course is best suitable for those who needed Czech for the realization of their goals in the field of education or employment.

You can start studying with a group of an appropriate level: from A1 for beginners to B2 for students with fluent Czech.

The main differences of this course from the others

  • This course takes place at the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, directly at the university
  • Teachers are the university professors, using own methods of Charles University
  • Students of this course receive privileges for admission to the Charles University
  • Certificate of language courses at Charles University is recognized by all Czech universities

Important features of the language courses

As you know, in the Czech Republic there are many language schools, including a number of schools at universities. All of them have their own advantages. However, if you are looking for high quality language training for admission to university, in a short period of time and reasonable price, note the following:

  • Commercial schools in partnership with the university are teaching the students by their own. They give no guarantee on the quality of teaching, nor any privileges for admission. In this course you will immediately start to learn czech directly at Charles University!
  • While commercial schools recruit outside teachers and create the program on your own, the courses we offer are only taught by university professors who effectively and efficiently prepare you for admissions so that you can start as soon as possible.
  • Studying at our program, you will be studying within the Faculty of Philosophy at all times, adapt to the academic environment, with free access to the university library. You will receive the information about different faculties, specialities, and admissions criteria right away.
  • We guarantee that you will receive an advantage in admissions to Charles University. While studying at language course you will start receiving university credits, the evaluation units accepted by the high school.
  • The certificate you obtain at the end of our course and successful exam is the best language knowledge confirmation paper you could get in Czech Republic. It does not matter whether you are planning to go to Charles University or another high school, this certificate is recognized everywhere! In contrast to the commercial schools, the authority of the Charles University is not questioned.

The price also includes

  • Preparation and execution of documents for a student long-term visa (if needed)
  • Confirmation of residence reservation in Prague, in Charles University dorms
  • Meeting in Prague at arrival and transfer to your accommodation
  • Registration at the Department of Migration Policy of the Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic
  • Help with the future extension of the visa in the Czech Republic
  • Connection to mobile operator
  • Providing passes for public transport
  • Preparation for nostrification (recognition) certificate of secondary education or nostrification of diploma
  • Applying for admission to universities

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